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Fall Prevention & Safety


AccessAbility Home Modifications will continue to search for ways to help our seniors, disabled Veterans and those with disabilities to age safely in their home. 

Seen as an Occupational Therapist, falls can result in a variety of injuries like Fractures, Traumatic Brain injuries and even Spinal Cord injuries.  For older adults, a simple hip fracture can be catastrophic.  This simple fall can be effect a person not only financially but emotionally, affecting their quality of life. 

  • The average cost of a fall is between $900 - $14,000 to include medical costs and rehabilitation
  • 60% of falls by seniors occur in the home, most often in the bathroom
  • Every 29 minutes an older adult dies following a fall in the home
  • Quality of life can be impacted.  People who have fallen may be unable to live independently, become more fearful of falling

Ways to Prevent Falls in Your Home: 

1.  We can help you remove your tub and install a safe Step-In or Roll-In/wheelchair accessible shower to avoid a fall while stepping in and out of the tub.  

2.  A simple grab bar can be installed in the shower and by the toilet.  Professional Installation is important.  Grab bars that are ADA approved should be installed by an experience & licensed professional using the appropriate tools.   Each grab bar should be positioned to meet specific physical needs & ensure proper usability.



     3.  When home modifications are not an option, durable medical equipment    
           known as DME can help with safety.
          *  Transfer Bench’s can help someone sit and safely transfer over the tub
    A toilet frame is helpful to assist with sit to stand transfers
          *  3:1 or bedside commode can offer safety & shower chairs  


Falls are preventable! 
Other considerations to maintain health & safety:


Maintain Health & Wellness

  1. Review your medication and maintain annual Dr. visits
  2. Stay active and maintain coordination, agility and balance:  Community Programs:  Matter of Balance, OASIS, Tai Chi
  3. Have your vision checked annually
  4. Have your home assessed by an Occupational Therapist or Nurse

Home Safety
Prevent Falls in the bathroom with steps listed above
     1.  Use non-slip mats or self-stick strips in the tub

 Increase lighting:
    1.  Install automatic lighting or nightlights to help with lighting at night    
    2.  Keep a flashlight by your bed

 Keep walkways clear and safe:
    1.  Remove throw rugs or use self-adhesive tape to keep ends down
    2.  Remove electrical cords from pathways 
    3.  Keep toys or items clear from walkways

 Maintain safety in the kitchen:
    1.  Use energy conservation and use stools when necessary to sit and rest
    2.  Keep all items within reach to avoid step-ladders or bending down
    3.  Use reachers and assistive devices to help reach items when needed

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